Hello and welcome! Contact me about ONLINE piano lessons now...i have some spaces for September 2020


What i offer

I teach different styles of music and ways of learning in a customized approach for individual students.

Learn what you are interested in - Classical, exams, jazz, improvisation, writing music etc. See 'Piano Lessons'

Work on all of these or choose what you prefer.


Why learn piano?

Did you know, almost the biggest sense of achievement we can get comes from learning and mastering a skill?

The more challenging the skill, the bigger the satisfaction. That ‘buzz’ is actually the feel good hormone dopamine.

There is something magical about the process of learning piano that adds more substance and meaning to life. 

It’s a break from the addictive distraction of chasing Facebook likes and scrolling through Instagram!


Create space

Creating space in your life to nurture the skills to play piano is like building a sanctuary. It’s great ME time.

Practicing piano is a kind of meditation. Brain and body are too focused to think about anything else –

you can let go of everyday life for a while.


Character building

As you technically progress, somehow, without even noticing, other qualities are developed – like better memory,

coordination, dexterity, listening ability, creativity, focus, patience, resilience, discipline…. the list goes on


It's science

In scientific tests playing piano lights up more areas of the brain than most other activities. So it’s one of the best brain workouts you can do. FACT! Scientists have even measured higher IQ in children taking music lessons.


Why one to one lessons?

As an experienced teacher I observe and nurture the specific needs of each individual student. Then customize lessons

and practice. How we learn, our abilities and temperament show how different we are from one another. 

It’s this individual attention that prevents bad habits forming. It's my job to put you back on track quickly.

Poor technique limits how and what you can play. It puts a ceiling on how far you can progress. I can help retrain bad

habits leftover from past study.


The art of perfect practice

Mastering the art of good practice is where my expertise can definitely help you progress. 

I have honed clear steps to perfect practice and you will not find this unique method anywhere else.

The good news is that these steps are simple and makes effective practice so much easier and enjoyable.



If you are not looking to take lessons long term, you can work with me short term to improve any aspect of your

playing or a particular topic you want to focus on. Check out ‘topics’


Brief outline of what you learn

Learn to read or play by ear. Classical, ABRSM exams ( 100% pass rate ) 20+ years’ experience.Theory, aural, jazz/pop, improvisation, song writing. See student songs on Indigo Rascal Reverbnation

Learn productive ways to practice. Develop a superb technique. Discover easy ways to improvise. See 'Online/topics'

I specialise in beginners to intermediate levels. I welcome any age or ability . Children from 8 upwards.


A good decision

I teach weekly following school term times. Try a discounted trial lesson before term begins and decide whether to

continue.  If you have ever wanted to learn, whatever your age or ability,  get in touch!

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