Private Lessons Online

I now offer Skype/Zoom lessons. Regular or short term.

As long as your laptop or device has a webcam and mic, we are all set to go


My regular students learn a mix of these subjects below

If you are keen to work on something specific, check out these topics.....



Play songs with chords

Learn chord theory and rhythmic patterns to have fun playing song accompaniments

by ear with style.

Easy Jazz Improvisations

Jazz scales and modes. Simple bass lines. 12 bar blues. Swing. Great jazz riffs.

Right hand improvisation tips and hand independence. This is cool fun....

Song writing. Simple steps

How do you begin writing songs and music?  I will teach you many different

ways to get started. Your creativity may surprise you!

Technique Shake up

Specific exercises to get your fingers, hands and wrists in shape. Unique hacks for

superb timing. The more you develop strength, speed, agility and crisp rhythms,

the more control you gain to sound like a pro

Best Practice

Many learners do not practice efficiently and struggle to progress using poor practice habits. Let me teach you my own unique simple method for perfect practice.

It will revolutionize your playing!


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