Image by Maurits Verschoren

Classical Music

Learn productive practice using my unique method developed over many years that makes practicing

efficient and easy. Develop a strong technique that will help you play whatever you want. Discover your creativity. Deepen concentration. Theory. Aural training.  ABRSM exams (100% exam success) Any age.

I am passionate that everyone can enjoy the amazing benefits of learning piano

Jazz and Improvising

These are both difficult to learn well. But i have devised step by step ways to help you understand easily how to start and advance far on this intriguing musical path -

where you create the music you play! See 'Topics'

Composing and Songwriting

There are many ways to start writing a song or piece of music. I will show you how. Tap into your creativity. Work in the studio and enjoy recording what you write.

See student songs website